Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fireworks in the production of glass jar

Take a look at this effect the following diagram

The following step by step, let us make it come out, not hard, rest assured.

1. New File, 300 * 300, transparent color.

2. In the editing area with a rectangle tool and drag to draw a rectangle about the size of editing area. Open the fill fill panel, fill mode option linear (linear gradient), click on the panel on the edit, we set the gradient in Fig.

3. Hold down the shift key and dragging in the editor to draw a perfect circle, open the fill fill panel, fill pattern for the radial, the color chosen as white, black, results shown in Figure

4. Draw an ellipse, it moves to the top of the circle, fill the circle opposite direction, as shown.

5. edit --- clone clone the oval, leaving a spare, in the Layers panel in front of the midpoint of its eyes to this hidden back-oval. Another sacrifice to do it right,:). also select the oval and round, modify --- combine --- punch hole. feeling is not right, this round of the upper left part of the province, with the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle, drag the figure location, and select the circle and rectangle, modify --- combine --- punch, so we put a circle on the parts removed.

6. Cloning of an ex-convict out to the oval, in the layer to open it in front of the eye point, clone it twice again, point it in front of the eye icon to hide it. For ease of explanation, we rename the following elliptic as a, oval above named b, (you can double-click the layer panel, to rename them). select a, the fill color set to none (in the fill panel, set to none), open storke panel, set the figure

7. Select b, fill color set to none, open storke panel, set the following diagram, the computer keyboard, double-click the upward direction key, and then double-click to the left direction key. Also select a and b, modify- - group them in groups. to rename it to c. results are shown in Figure

8. Select the missing upper part of the circle, to rename it to d, clone it, edit --- clone, a cloned circle with the Ellipse tool named e. drag in the editor to draw an ellipse, the size and location are as follows shown below, to the oval renamed f, clone it, edit --- clone cloned oval named g.


9. Select the g and d, modify --- combine --- punch, the results shown in Figure

10. Then in front of said method, the rectangle tool to drag a rectangle, and select the chart and rectangular, with a combine --- punch, to rename it to h. (For ease of observation, I plan to hide other ), then results in Figure

11. Select h, open the fill fill panel, select the solid, filled with color set to light blue. Guankou eyes open icon, transparency set to 16, the top-level e onto the transparency set to 16, f 13 transparency , c of the transparency 40, h of the transparency 8. results in Figure

12. We add to the glass jar on the reflective, enhancement. In the editor hold down the shift with the ellipse tool and draw a white circle, then the ellipse tool to draw a large oval spots, move the circle above, their position shown in Figure.

13. Also select the circle and ellipse, modify --- combine --- punch, so we got a circular arc, select the arc, open effect panel, shadow and glow --- glow, as shown in the pop-up box Settings, and then put it in the Layers panel, set the transparency 80. It to the left. Reflective glass effect came out.

14. For appearance, we give the glass jars with a bracket, the editor and drag to draw a glass jar about the size of the circle, then draw a rectangle, the location shown below to select them both at the same time, modify --- combine --- punch, so we get a bracket,

15. Under this bracket moved to h, which is the penultimate layer, open the fill panel, fill mode selected pattern, shown in Figure Set

16. Select the tray, open the effect panel, shadow and glow --- drop shadow in the pop-up panel, set the following

Effect of out it!
Then shiver 2, the instance is mainly focused on the use of combine --- punch, skilled use of it, can be a lot of wonderful graphics.

If you have any questions, please go to the design situation eye www.websheji.com the forums, we will be in time for you to solve.

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