Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WAP desperately short of qualified personnel

In the last second mobile value-added industry, Talent Recruitment in statistics, participate in on-site job fair in 20 companies, the recruitment of WAP developers 40% of enterprises. Job positions accounted for 20% of the total; and technology development based mainly on WAP.

According to the survey, in time for this recruitment will be in, WAP technology and the apparent shortage. Many companies are reactive, it is difficult for the current WAP technology hiring the right person.

Meanwhile, the current recruitment will occur in the mobile value-added industries are also engaged in market development (BD) personnel for large and demand situation, some enterprises to recruit workers received a large number of market resumes.

In addition, the recruitment of IVR, streaming media, mobile game development companies and high demand jobs.

Overall, the current demand for mobile value-added industry personnel are divided into two categories: The first is technology development-oriented classes, such as WAP engineers, 3G communications engineers, mobile game development engineers.

The second is for the market development category, such as: Marketing Director, BD, regional manager, project manager, channel and promotion. From the previous mobile value-added special recruitment will be the statistical point of view, technology category

Talents in fashion and demand continues to grow. The senior market, and senior business professionals is also popular posts, in particular the control and the relationship between the market operators, developers, is the number of mobile value-added enterprises to recruit a special needs of marketers.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

U.S. online travel nearly 50% share

In the U.S., online travel and a long history of e-commerce, even if that is the hotel, airfare and car rental sales there have been many models. The most successful is like Expedia and Travelocity that the OTA (online travel agents), as well as orbitz and travelweb airlines and hotel groups such as co-organized an online marketing company. There are such as priceline name your own price model and hotwire the so-called opaque mode (that is set when the hotel did not know specifically which one, and only know about the location and star). In addition there are such as lastminute.com "last minute booking" mode, such as grouple team booking patterns, such as kayak and sidestep the meta-search model (meta-search), such as travel tripadviser evaluation site.

Representatives of all these models are very successful business enterprise. Of course, this chain there are still old-GDS companies, central reservation system provider (eg synxis), distribution channel management software provider (hotel booking solutions), online content management software provider (leonardo), provide business intelligence Business (travelclick) and many recently emerged travel 2.0 company. In contrast, China's online travel industry has just started it.

Overseas, the largest consumer online travel group, mostly 36 to 54 years, less than 36-year-old is the second largest population. They use the Internet for booking of the main reasons is to facilitate easier to compare prices. Compared with Chinese consumers and overseas customers more involved, sharing travel experiences and evaluation, and more and more dependent on the shared information. This may be the online travel spending habits and use of traditional travel channels, the biggest difference.

According to the latest online travel report Hocuswright can see, the U.S. share of online travel has been a nearly 50% faster. 50% of course, there are nearly half of the hotel and airline direct sales. The most simple hotel, airfare, car rental reservation, traditional travel agencies online travel agencies in fact been (OTA, eg Expedia & Travelocity) and travel suppliers both extrusion.

In fact many airlines no longer had to travel agents commission. The reasons for this situation is very simple, because the traditional travel agency sales in these products bring little added value. Therefore, traditional travel agencies must be in high value-added products find a way out. Large travel agencies increasingly began to engage in business travel, small travel agencies are more concerned about the high-end leisure products.

U.S. traditional travel agencies are also trying to improve the online business, but from the hotel, airfare and car rental in terms of competition, OTA has been won, and will continue. But in high value-added tourism products, OTA will grab a number of business from traditional travel agencies is impossible to say the OTA and also by the travel supplier challenges, particularly in the tourism market, the relative prosperity of the time, OTA A sustainable development, even survival force value-added services will be issued with traditional travel agencies in this area fierce competition. Ctrip development of the domestic line service is very natural, to develop high value-added business OTA prerequisite for sustainable development.

But the true online travel service in China is just beginning, if we are from the United States and European markets to learn what it is that China's online travel industry chain, the pattern appears more and more enterprises , from the current less than 1% share in 2010 forecast more than 10% share.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3DMax done using NURBS baseball bat

3DMax done using NURBS baseball bat

Tutorial by the Tom.Klejne to http://www.3dspline.com/www.3dspline.com. Site written.

In this tutorial, I'll teach you in very basic ways to create surface nurbo a baseball bat. This tutorial teaches you U lofting (U-loft) and the establishment of CAP NURBS surface. In the construction of the baseball bat on the NURBS shape than rotation (LATHE) has several advantages. One advantage is: you set up a baseball bat, you zoom and move through these circles to create other different baseball bat, another advantage is: can the generated animation.

1. Open the 2D or 3D capture switch, it will make your work easier. Click the create panel, click the round, in the TOP view, a circle, the same as Figure 1.1, it will rely on as your baseball bat in the top place.

Figure 1.1

2. The former view, hold down the shift key, move the circle down a bit. When the clone options dialog box appears, select copy, click OK. Now enlarge the circle below that shown in Figure 1.2.

Figure 1.2

3. Repeat until you get a number sufficient to form a baseball bat round so far, as shown in Figure 1.3 (Note: These do not need too perfect round, when the surface has been completed, the tutorial in the back of the real-time operation can It is even more perfect)

Figure 1.3


. Is to transform these curves to NURBS spline time! Select the first round, click Modify panel, click the "edit stack", from the drop-down menu, select NURBS, (Translator's Note: If you are using a version of 3ds max 4, this step is right click, in the event of The menu, select NURBS) which will change the circle for the NURBS curve. (Note: If you change before you have other modifiers available to the circle, to be by clicking on the collapse (collapse) button to collapse the stack first,)

Important: When working in NURBS, it is best to open "force 2-sided" argument, unless you want to reverse each of the second surface normal. Right-click in the perspective view Perspective words Office, select configure, open the force 2-sided argument.

5. Click the button, Ren Yishun order additional all round. In order to make some use of NURBS surface, this step is necessary. NURBS is still in the edit panel, open the exhibition surface volume bar, click the cap button, select the first round (in the baseball bat on top of that small). This can be in the circle on a plane, as shown in Figure 1.4.

Figure 1.4

6. Start building the real surface. Still in the development of surface volume column, click the U-loft button, then click the top of the circle, and then click the second circle, then the third round, right-click here to stop U lofting operation. Should now look as shown in Figure 1.5.

Figure 1.5

7. Now narrow view, use the same method in the third, fourth, fifth circle, right-click again to stop here. Below it should look as shown in Figure 1.6.

U do not stop it setting out to build a step because the baseball bat because: U U lofting lofting objects along been to more parts to adapt to a smooth surface, so if there are obvious corners, we can make the whole U lofting the surface of the object is distorted.

Figure 1.6

8. Now you should be aware that the U-loft and cap how this works. Therefore, through the U-loft to complete this model, the shape of the rest, and put a circle in the bottom of the lid, look down the final result as shown in Figure 1.7. If you look down and not right, here to teach you real-time changes in the modifier in each step. Still in the edit panel NURSB rollout, click the child object, select the curve. You can select each curve, zoom / move it to where you want, the surface will automatically be updated.

Last result map:

Figure 1.7

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fireworks in the production of glass jar

Take a look at this effect the following diagram

The following step by step, let us make it come out, not hard, rest assured.

1. New File, 300 * 300, transparent color.

2. In the editing area with a rectangle tool and drag to draw a rectangle about the size of editing area. Open the fill fill panel, fill mode option linear (linear gradient), click on the panel on the edit, we set the gradient in Fig.

3. Hold down the shift key and dragging in the editor to draw a perfect circle, open the fill fill panel, fill pattern for the radial, the color chosen as white, black, results shown in Figure

4. Draw an ellipse, it moves to the top of the circle, fill the circle opposite direction, as shown.

5. edit --- clone clone the oval, leaving a spare, in the Layers panel in front of the midpoint of its eyes to this hidden back-oval. Another sacrifice to do it right,:). also select the oval and round, modify --- combine --- punch hole. feeling is not right, this round of the upper left part of the province, with the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle, drag the figure location, and select the circle and rectangle, modify --- combine --- punch, so we put a circle on the parts removed.

6. Cloning of an ex-convict out to the oval, in the layer to open it in front of the eye point, clone it twice again, point it in front of the eye icon to hide it. For ease of explanation, we rename the following elliptic as a, oval above named b, (you can double-click the layer panel, to rename them). select a, the fill color set to none (in the fill panel, set to none), open storke panel, set the figure

7. Select b, fill color set to none, open storke panel, set the following diagram, the computer keyboard, double-click the upward direction key, and then double-click to the left direction key. Also select a and b, modify- - group them in groups. to rename it to c. results are shown in Figure

8. Select the missing upper part of the circle, to rename it to d, clone it, edit --- clone, a cloned circle with the Ellipse tool named e. drag in the editor to draw an ellipse, the size and location are as follows shown below, to the oval renamed f, clone it, edit --- clone cloned oval named g.


9. Select the g and d, modify --- combine --- punch, the results shown in Figure

10. Then in front of said method, the rectangle tool to drag a rectangle, and select the chart and rectangular, with a combine --- punch, to rename it to h. (For ease of observation, I plan to hide other ), then results in Figure

11. Select h, open the fill fill panel, select the solid, filled with color set to light blue. Guankou eyes open icon, transparency set to 16, the top-level e onto the transparency set to 16, f 13 transparency , c of the transparency 40, h of the transparency 8. results in Figure

12. We add to the glass jar on the reflective, enhancement. In the editor hold down the shift with the ellipse tool and draw a white circle, then the ellipse tool to draw a large oval spots, move the circle above, their position shown in Figure.

13. Also select the circle and ellipse, modify --- combine --- punch, so we got a circular arc, select the arc, open effect panel, shadow and glow --- glow, as shown in the pop-up box Settings, and then put it in the Layers panel, set the transparency 80. It to the left. Reflective glass effect came out.

14. For appearance, we give the glass jars with a bracket, the editor and drag to draw a glass jar about the size of the circle, then draw a rectangle, the location shown below to select them both at the same time, modify --- combine --- punch, so we get a bracket,

15. Under this bracket moved to h, which is the penultimate layer, open the fill panel, fill mode selected pattern, shown in Figure Set

16. Select the tray, open the effect panel, shadow and glow --- drop shadow in the pop-up panel, set the following

Effect of out it!
Then shiver 2, the instance is mainly focused on the use of combine --- punch, skilled use of it, can be a lot of wonderful graphics.

If you have any questions, please go to the design situation eye www.websheji.com the forums, we will be in time for you to solve.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BenQ "tails" of the pain of expensive school fees of the three Active Role

BenQ Siemens mobile phone with the acquisition of cross-border mergers and acquisitions since it declared bankruptcy, on the other in the process of internationalization of Chinese enterprises, had to ponder the question: How many unpredictable risks?

Arbitrarily take a dangerous step for KY Lee is facing his biggest defeat on the mall.

September 28 evening, BenQ Chairman KY Lee and his senior team announced a year ago, BenQ and Siemens That dynamic between the "transnational marriage" has been broken. As the German mobile phone subsidiary, Benq Mobile deficit continues to grow, from now on, BenQ stop investments in subsidiaries, and to surrender its right of operation to the German local court for the protection insolvent (insolvency protection).

BenQ announced in October 2005 with the formal merger of Siemens mobile phone division, and seems to be a "thank you" BenQ "married" three consecutive quarters of losses of mobile phone unit, provides the equivalent of 250 million euros in cash and services "dowry." However, in the past year, BenQ's handset division lost more than 800 million euros, equivalent to about 8.3 billion yuan.


KY Lee explained to the media, to stop the investment in the German mobile phone subsidiary aim is - to adjust the pace to continue to operate the cause of the global mobile phone brand. BenQ executives also said that the German subsidiary was forced to give up the decision, BenQ has done its utmost to save the business, even to the Siemens mobile phone division of the former owner for help, but not help.

Taiwan Lin, senior industry observers who told reporters that between BenQ and Siemens itself is an innate defect of marriage, KY Lee BenQ mobile phone brands in the business is still very weak, a burden on his back, which determines the necessary is a tragedy.

Lin believes that Taiwan IT industry spread a message that the private financing fails KY Lee, "This should be the curtain call of the fuse in advance of this tragedy." He said that in August, the BenQ board had also decided to increase investment 400 000 000 support to the dollar mobile phone business. In fact, when, KY Lee told an interview with the mainland, though admitted that the acquisition of Siemens mobile phones are opportunistic color, but still stressed that "now is too early to conclude that M & A failures."

"The acquisition of Siemens mobile phones, BenQ, though nothing outstanding and allows the BenQ debt." Lam said. According to Taiwan media reports the province, "married" into the Siemens mobile phone, the BenQ liabilities increased more than 170 billion Taiwan dollars, its net value per share was down the middle of a cut, from 30 per NT below 15. At the same time, Taiwan's stock market rumors, Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou in the market, it lasts BenQ shares, tried to enter the White BenQ, BenQ's and then won the Friends of the Delta.

In the help, rivals the hook in the circumstances, KY Lee in support of the board of directors made the decision to stop bleeding lightning. "It's BenQ, it is a rational decision to correct the error, but can help BenQ out of the woods is hard to say," Lin said.

Three Reasons for the Failure

Many analysts believe that BenQ bought Siemens case failed because the BenQ over-estimated their abilities.

One view is that Taiwanese companies do best is to save costs, but this advantage was not given full play in the BenQ Mobile.

KY Lee has tried to "concentrate and simplify" the principle gives the acquisitions of business profits, trying to BenQ Mobile in the process of transformation within the do to seek cost savings and expand revenue opportunities, but within a subsidiary in Germany, but always not work.

According to insiders BenQ, BenQ Mobile for a number of specific cost-saving measures to Germany, may be prevented and delayed. BenQ wanted to work hard in the supply chain, to the supply chain in Europe and Germany, and gradually shifted to Asia, supply chain, to Germany and the European part of the manufacturing outsourcing from BenQ back. But this has not been able to promote.

Siemens paid as much as 200 million euros of the "dowry", which proposed a number of subsidiary conditions in which BenQ prepared to make some measures such as layoffs binding the hands, which delayed the timing of losses. It is learned that the former BenQ Siemens mobile phone sector has been enormous structural changes, the implementation of simplified, from the R & D resources, production facilities, supply chain, product strategy, technology platform and marketing plan to the fields, trying to fuse with the BenQ. But the result does, BenQ had to create a separate R & D center will be integrated more than 700 employees to support them out of Siemens.

Another analysis, BenQ shortage of software talent pool, the difficulties encountered in product development, making it the new products very slowly, product quality problems.

In the past, Siemens Mobile R & D cycle in a year and a half years, while its competitors generally in the six months to one year. As high-end 3G and multimedia mobile phone market has been the lack of the right to speak, in order to enter the European telecommunications market, the price of related products Siemens at least 25% less than competitors. Can change this to "unreasonable" results, BenQ Siemens computer show in Hanover last year, 12 high-end phones on display at one go.

However, this fight is very cool in the eyes of Asian mobile phone, in a test of Europe's telecom operators, many software problems. This has led to new products can not be BenQ Siemens production. BenQ is one of the short board is the quality of software development instability, severe brain drain.

Despite claims to the Siemens global R & D costs and patented one of the largest number of mobile phone manufacturers, has a very large R & D team, but the efficiency is not high, "Research is research, patents, patent, product of not achieving well." Siemens had tried with the original R & D team to return to power
The idea of the mainstream mobile phone market, and BenQ Mobile is only empty talk.

Of course, the outside world more attention to the problem is that BenQ and Siemens poor communication between the two teams, integration is not enough.

In the beginning of acquisition, BenQ has sent an elite team of 15 people stationed in Germany, in addition to CEO to continue to serve by the German Clemens, the various departments in charge of placement from BenQ, but has no effect on integration. BenQ's German employees are not accustomed to reporting to the head, but like to leapfrog to the Clemens report. This makes the time between both teams, unpleasant things happen, and becoming increasingly severe.

"In an interview after the mobile phone unit of Siemens, BenQ Siemens Procrastination is not only unable to change the management model, but due to the different ways of doing things and culture, adding new costs, thus accelerating the process of mergers and acquisitions fail." A German analyst of the local media said.

Tail of pain

Many analysts believe that the cross-border M & A fees are very expensive, far beyond the posted BenQ lost their year into the 600 million euros, while BenQ's tail to stop bleeding, also will pay a painful price.

On the one hand, BenQ "abandoned" Siemens mobile phone, will affect its brand image in Europe for many years to build. BenQ shocked the whole of Germany the resolution: 3000 Duomingmingji employees held demonstrations in Germany, Kamp-Lintfort mobile plant location NRW governor Lueth. Geers joined them, Siemens CEO Kleinfeld claimed to be and BenQ Siemens court.

KY Lee claims to stop investment in BenQ, Siemens signed an agreement with the still valid, five years will continue to use the "BenQ - Siemens" brand, but the remarks were refuted Siemens area, Siemens believes that BenQ will have the right to continue assessed using the Siemens brand. Siemens spokesman said that "German brand Siemens will be allowed to use long-term partner."

On the other hand, BenQ in the European market may be subject to telecommunications operators of collective resistance. Germany's head of market research agency Gartner, said Boehlert, BenQ tails survive the "big ticket" seems a coup, or even short-term stock price will make up, "but emphasized that corporate social responsibility in Europe, but a no small bomb. estimates will sooner or later the European telecom operators BenQ Siemens mobile phone dual-brand the shelves, and even Chinese companies will be affected in Germany and Europe, M & A activity. "

KY Lee, 54, his career has been the greatest trick the next dangerous step, paid an extremely high tuition fees.

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iPod Movie Converter

ImTOO iPod Movie Converter is a video to iPod converter to convert all video files like AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, H.264, VOB to iPod movies (iPod MP4) for Video iPod and iPhone perfectly. The iPod Converter also supports converting all audio files to iPod MP3, AAC, M4A files. With variable settings and fast video converting speed to convert iPod movie, ImTOO iPod Movie Converter is an affordable iPod video converter with high quality.

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Support Video iPod with resolution of 640 by 480, iPod Touch, and iPhone. New optimized profiles are being added.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Newpentium DVD Cloner

Newpentium DVD Clone is a most popular powerful dvd movie clone software. It produces perfect copies every time, and does it quickly and efficiently. Video quality of copied discs is perfect, since there's no recompression or altering of the VOB files from the original disc. Newpentium DVD Clone was designed to backup your precious DVD without any quality loss. backup you DVDs in 20 mins. Newpentium DVD Clone comes complete with numerous customizable video/audio controls that can deliver the highest quality viewing and listening experience.

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